Thursday June 15th, 2023

Stahl Gerlafingen celebrated its 200th anniversary

It was a night to remember! Yesterday, Stahl Gerlafingen, AFV Beltrame’s Swiss plant, celebrated the 200 years jubilee.

It was two centuries ago when the company in Gerlafingen was founded. At that time, the products out of the Gerlafingen plant were very central for building the modern Swiss state.

Something that was cherished by federal Councilor @Albert Rösti, Swiss minister for infrastructure. He thanked the Beltrame family for safeguarding nearly 600 jobs in the village.

A very important role of the plant was also presented by the Head of the regional government, Frau Landammann @Brigit Wyss. She also stressed the important role of the plant in the Swiss #circulareconomy economy.

Whereas the mayor of Gerlafingen, Mr. Heri Philipp, described how close the village and the plant grow together. Several members of the owner family Beltrame were present at the festivities, which the employees saw as a huge honor for the plant.

The plant stopped production on Monday to ensure that each and every one of the employees was able to join the party. Giving credit to the owners’ Italian roots and the Swiss crews, both Italian and Swiss specialties were served for the festive dinner. Christa Rigozzi, former Miss Schweiz, lead on stage through the whole celebrations.