Tuesday March 21st, 2023

The Chalibria opening in Switzerland

Last Thursday, 16 March 2023, AFV Beltrame Group and its Swiss plant Stahl Gerlafingen invited key customers and other stakeholders to the Kursaal in Bern, Switzerland. At the roundtable which ran under the topic “Steel: the frontiers of sustainability” participants could learn more about AFV Beltrame Group’s new carbon-neutral steel product.

It quickly turned out that the event was of great interest.
The discussion, which was attended by Mrs. Brigitte Wyss, Head of the Economic Affairs Department of the Canton of Solothurn, Cristina Schaffner, Director of the Swiss Construction Industry Association, Stephan Geiger, Head of Sustainable Finance at EY Switzerland, and Daniel Egger, Head of Project Development at Neustark, provided significant inputs and insights. We want to thank them for their contribution to the success of this event.

On behalf of AFV Beltrame, Carlo Beltrame, Head of Group Business Development, and CEO Alain Creteur also participated in the discussion. We are confident that they were able to share Chalibria’s overall decarbonization strategy with the audience.

Our thanks also go to Nadine Brönnimann, who contributed to the success of the discussion with her moderation.

Chalibria is thus facilitating a transition that is part of the company’s commitment to implement the projects set out in the #decarbonization plan. This includes transparent and inclusive communication with all stakeholders.

Or as CEO Alain Creteur said on the podium: “Regional scrap recovery and recycling production keep the distances for deliveries and transport short. With this new production flow, steel production will become even more efficient. With Chalibria we aim for a CO2-neutral production.”

Whereas Minster Brigit Wyss delivered a shout-out to the entrepreneurial spirit of the project: “Stahl Gerlafingen represents a significant added value for Gerlafingen/Solothurn as a business location. With its Co2 reduction strategy, the plant is a role model for other companies – because climate change affects us all.”