Wednesday June 19th, 2024

AFV Beltrame Group speaker at the event: “Innovative materials for a sustainable construction sector”

Are you a designer, a builder, a materials manufacturer or a player in the construction industry that has embarked on a path of hashtag#sustainability through innovation?

Don’t miss the opportunity to deepen your knowledge on innovative products and processes and green solutions for construction by attending the event: “Innovative Materials for Sustainable Building”, organised by the Venetian Green Building Cluster together with Reti Innovative Regionali del Veneto, which will be held today at the Cittadella Dell’Edilizia Via Banchina dell’Azoto, 15 in Venice.

The use of materials made through highly efficient production cycles with a low carbon footprint, characterised by a high recycled content, easily reusable or recoverable at the end of their life cycle, is now more fundamental than ever to reduce the environmental impact of the sector and achieve the challenging objectives of national, European and international decarbonisation plans.

Giovan Battista Landra and Andrea Costa will talk about the Beltrame Group’s experience in sustainability and decarbonisation with particular reference to the development of environmental product declarations (EPDs) and Chalibria, the Beltrame Group’s carbon-neutral steel.