Donalam srl

Donalam srl

In Calarasi

sqm total area


sqm total area

t production capacity


t production capacity

t of steel bars sold annually


t of steel bars sold annually




In Targoviste

ha total area


ha total area

t/month production capacity


t/month production capacity

t of rebar sold over the last 12 months


t of rebar sold over the last 12 months




About Us

Donalam is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of hot steel bars.

We rely on a committed team of professionals, a strong network of partners and high-performance equipment.

Donalam was established in 2006, in Călărași, where one of the production sites is located.

The Donalam rolling mill in Călărași specializes in the production of hot-rolled special steel bars for use in various industries, from oil and gas, automotive, large mechanical and hydraulic equipment to agricultural machinery and equipment.

Due to its special geographical location, it has good connections to the national road, access to the railway and to the Black Sea and Danube ports.

Since 2022, AFV Beltrame Group has another production unit in Târgoviște – the Former special steel plant – Combinatul de Oțeluri Speciale (COS).The investment plans aim to transform Donalam Târgoviște into A special steel production unit competitive at European and global level.

In June 2022, production of rebar was restarted here, thus Donalam becoming the only producer in the local market. Around EUR100 million are being invested throughout 2022 – 2026 to modernize the equipment in the current plant. To this will be added more working capital.

During the period 2023-2026, a new eco-intelligent steel mill will be built in Târgoviște to produce reber and wire rod, representing a greenfield investment of Approximately EUR 300 million.


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AFV Beltrame Group specializes in the production of merchant rolled products and special profiles for different areas of use: especially construction, structural steels, shipbuilding, earthmoving machines and automotive


The Group’s vision envisages the pursuit of business development jointly with that of people, through the continuous improvement of the virtuous relationship between sustainable production, social innovation and shared collective value.


Since its foundation AFV Beltrame Group has been inspired by the principles that direct its every action and make its way of operating distinctive. The principles that the Group is committed to promote among its stakeholders include transparency, mutual growth and shared values and objectives.


Our mission is to produce and trade hot rolled steel products.Throughout the process, we are committed to contribute to building a sustainable future, based on respect for the environment, customers and employees.

Our quality products, flexible services, and long-term stability define us and set us apart in the steel industry. Over the years we have constantly optimised our production processes and the finished products, by investments in state-of-the-art steel treatment and finishing equipment that enable us to offer special quality steel products, tailored to customer requirements.

Always oriented to best meet our customer’s needs, we focus on the flexibility of our services, defined by the of orders, respecting the technical specifications and the delivery time, as well as by prompt and efficient assistance. Thus we managed to earn our customers’ trust and to develop long-term business relationships. Călărași Products Târgovişte Products


Markets Târgoviște products – red and black (total of 3 markets)
Markets Călărași products – grey and black (total of 24 markets)

Management team

Carlo Beltrame
Country Manager France & Romania, Group Chief Business Development Officer
Enrico Deganello
Iulian Claudiu Frunză
Career in donalam

Career in Donalam

Career in Donalam

Social responsibility

Social involvement and solidarity are key factors that support the development of a society. Beyond our role as an employer, we aim to be a trusted member actively engaged in the communities where we operate.

We consistently support local initiatives such as educational, sports, medical programs and actions. Our overall objective is to contribute to the long-term well-being of the community and support the development of younger generations,bringing about positive changes at the local level.

Environmental responsibility

The ability of industry to exist and produce without depleting natural resources is fundamental to the future of our planet. The European Green Deal initiative has set ambitious targets for reducing the impact on the environment, with the aim of making Europe climate neutral. For Donalam, responsibility towards the environment and sustainable development are basic values. The rolling mill in the factory is equipped with modern technology, which allows us to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with production by up to 40%.

Also, future investments are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring production with a minimal carbon footprint. Another objective pursued is to create the premises of a circular economy at the company level, meaning to apply a production and consumption model that involves the reuse and recycling of materials, to minimize waste.

Sustainability Report

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The safety of our employees is an absolute priority as the company’s good performance relies on the involvement and work of each team member.

Our operations in our production units strictly adhere to European health and safety standards in order to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure the safest working environment.

The organizational culture at the Group level is based on the communication with employees and on proper employee training through development programs.



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Târgoviște, Șoseaua Găești nr. 9-11,

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