Chalibria Steel


Developing a more sustainable product allows us to stay abreast of regulations but also to take advantage of growth opportunities and remain competitive in the market by using the latest available technologies and establishing new partnerships with other players in the supply chain. 
Chalibria is AFV Beltrame Group’s carbon-neutral steel related to Scope 1+2+3 (upstream) emissions in the cradle-to-gate value chain.

The calculation of the carbon footprint for Scope 1+2+3 (upstream) is verified by the Independent Certification Body RINA in accordance to ISO14064-1 (Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals).

For these emissions, which the Group is not yet able to reduce through the projects included in the Decarbonization Plan, Chalibria’s carbon neutrality is achieved by offsetting CO2 emissions through the purchase of carbon credits on a voluntary basis, in line with the PAS2060 (Specification for the demonstration of Carbon Neutrality) certification.

AFV Beltrame Group’s commitment, through the investments of the Decarbonization Plan, will enable the reduction of the value chain “cradle-to-gate” and consequently a decreasing purchase of carbon credits.

Carbon neutrality will also be attested through a certificate issued by RINA in accordance with the international standards and sent to all our customers who purchase Chalibria.

AFV Beltrame Group uses “DIAS” (Data Integrity Audit Services platform), the RINA’s digital platform that supports audit activities: this platform ensures the traceability, integrity and transparency of data along the value chain “cradle-to-gate” for Chalibria, carbon neutral steel

In line with international greenhouse gas standards, Chalibria allows our customers to reduce indirect emissions and report an equivalent reduction in the category of goods purchased for Scope 3.

Which carbon credits do we use?

Voluntary carbon credits are certificates that can be purchased by companies to offset CO2 emissions generated by their activities. These credits are generated by projects that help to remove or avoid the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

AFV Beltrame Group only uses carbon credits verified by international standards (e.g., VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), Gold Standard). In the certificate sent to our customers, attesting Chalibria’s carbon neutrality, is stated the reference project of the carbon credits used for the offsetting, along with carbon credits’ verification conformity issued by RINA in accordance to PAS2060 certification.

All products can be purchased in the Chalibria version