The idea

Chalibria is AFV Beltrame Group’s new carbon-neutral steel, designed to speed up the transition to climate neutrality. Chalibria is about going back to the basics while looking at the future. This is a new way of understanding steel, embracing its sustainability and circularity values, while fully respecting our planet. Chalibria means reliability, safety and credibility while being environmentally friendly.

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Decarbonization plan

Despite the low-valued CO2 emissions, AFV Beltrame Group is keen to further reduce its carbon footprint and has defined a terget of reducing emission of Scope 1 and 2 by 40%.

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The process

AFV Beltrame Group manufactures its products by means of electric arc furnace through a manufacturing process involving 4 different stages, each of which results in direct and indirect GHG emissions.

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Chalibria Steel

AFV Beltrame Group manufactures merchant bars and structural steels and, in order to speed up its sustainability goals, it has developed Chalibria, which is a certified carbon-neutral steel according to regulatory standards. All AFV Beltrame Group products can be purchased in the Chalibria version using the same methods, as well as via the same marketing channels.

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Regulatory environment

AFV Beltrame Group has always been committed to sustainability issues and its own emissions. As one of the industry players with the lowest levels of emissions, we strongly believe in the importance of integrating corporate performance standards with sustainability performance criteria (Environmental Social and Governance). This is why we have established an overall organizational structure for various projects within the sustainability sphere, for the whole Group and for each plant.

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