Beltreco aggregate

The use of inert BELTRECO aggregate provides the dual benefit of both
reducing exploitation of limited natural resources and reducing production waste.

Use of this product allows us to achieve the dual benefit of reducing exploitation of limited natural resources whilst simultaneously reducing production waste. Bearing the CE mark, the inert BELTRECO aggregate (available in 0/40, 0/90, 0/8, 8/16 and 16/31.5 ratios) is produced according to the EN 13242 (for road foundations), EN 12620 (for concrete) and EN 13043 (for asphalt) technical specifications, in accordance with the attestation of conformity system 2+ required by European Regulation 305/2011.

The 2+ certification system requires assessment via Initial Type Tests (ITTs), implementation of a production control system, and presence of a Notified Certification Body. The latter is responsible for an initial visit to the plant and yearly monitoring, as well as the verification and certification of the production management system. The aggregate is registered with the European Chemicals Agency in accordance with EU REACH (EC) 1907/2006 regulations.