The pillars

Five Pillars

AFV Beltrame Group has identified 5 key pillars on which it is focusing its environmental efforts with medium- and long-term goals:


We have launched a program aimed at taking tangible actions to reduce work-related injuries and illnesses. We believe that a focus on people is crucial within a growth project.

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C02 Emissions

We have set the 2030 Decarbonization Plan for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, with a 40% emission reduction over a 2015 baseline. The Decarbonization Plan calls for significant investment efforts from now until 2030 to achieve this ambitious target.

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Energy consumption

We have developed a production efficiency strategy aimed at improving production process efficiency for energy consumption reduction and increasing sourcing from renewable energies. We have set up dedicated green energy supply agreements, launched projects related to using hydrogen in reheating furnaces, and we are developing proprietary facilities for self-power consumption.

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We are constantly striving to reduce water consumption. We have improved cooling systems for lower water use and optimized the stormwater treatment system.

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We have implemented a circular economy project featuring specific measures to improve scrap and other raw materials quality, in addition to promoting the reuse of materials of the manufacturing process. In line with the project called “AWaRe” (All Waste Recovered), we are aiming to fully optimize waste recovery at the sites. In 2021, we recycled and valorized 90% of the Group’s waste.

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