Thursday June 23rd, 2022

The meeting with the community of Stahl Gerlafingen

Even though the industry has made significant improvements toward green #steel production, there are still emissions that can bother people living in the neighborhood of a steel plant.

AFV Beltrame Group is committed to transparency and openly discusses with its local community what we have achieved and what we want to accomplish in the future regarding reducing noise and other emissions.

Last evening an information event was held at our swiss plant, attended by more than 70 residents. Public servants from the regional environment authorities informed firsthand on their emission monitoring.

We received good marks from the administration for our efforts to reduce emissions. Our staff presented several new projects that aim to reduce noise and lower energy consumption and CO2 at the same time.

The discussion was lively and the mood positive with some constructive criticisms. The dialogue was vital and fruitful and it will be continued.

CEO Alain Creteur also stunned the audience when he mentioned that in 2023 it would be the 200-year-anniversary of steel production in Gerlafingen.