Thursday March 23rd, 2023

An interesting article published by Solothurner Zeitung

AFV Beltrame Group is on a European tour to present, to its main stakeholders, #Chalibria, the new carbon-neutral steel. After the first roundtable in Paris, customers from Germany and Switzerland attended a similar format in Bern last Thursday.

A journalist of the Solothurner Zeitung attended the event and published an insightful article on the discussion between Frau Landammann Brigit Wyss, Head of the Economic Affairs Department of the Canton of Solothurn, Cristina Schaffner, Director of the Swiss Construction Industry Association, Stephan Geiger, Head of Sustainable Finance at EY Switzerland, and Daniel Egger, Head of Project Development at Neustark.

“Chalibria” will facilitate a transition that is part of the company’s commitment to implement the projects set out in the #decarbonization plan. This includes transparent and inclusive communication with all stakeholders”.

Or as the journalist wrote and quoted in his article: “The Beltrame Group invests in hydroelectric and photovoltaic projects for this purpose. This and the modernisation of production need big investiments. But it is obviously worth it to the company”. CEO Alain Creteur: “It’s about the #climate on our planet. Decarbonisation is at the top of our priority list. We are already well below the European average in terms of CO2 emissions, but that is not enough for us.” That is why with Chalibria the Group intends and wants to do more.