Wednesday December 1st, 2021

STAHL GERLAFINGEN, one of the biggest companies by number of employees in the Canton of Solothurn

Which company is the biggest in the Canton of Solothurn when it comes to the number of employees?

Even in the context of a Swiss regional entity, to answer this simple question, it needs a lot of research.

Thanks to a regional publisher the work was done. And since last week the standing is clear: AFV Beltrame’s Swiss site is Solothurn’s number twelve.
All the results can be found here:

Stahl Gerlafingen even would have been 8th when only private-owned companies would have been counted.

AFV Beltrame Group is proud to run a site in Switzerland that is still among the largest companies of the home canton. As an employer, we take pride to give work to such a large number of people.