Monday November 21st, 2022

(IT) L’interessante intervento di Alain Creteur al tradizionale ElCom Forum [en] Alain Creteur’s interesting speech at the traditional ElCom Forum

AFV Beltrame Group CEO Alain Creteur was invited as a speaker and panelist at the traditional ElCom Forum on Friday

ElCom, as the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission is commonly called, is the top regulatory body for every matter on the energy market in Switzerland. It is not subject to any directives of the Federal Council and acts independently of the federal administration.

Mr. Creteur was asked to deliver first-hand impressions on the effects of the price explosions for high-energy consumers such as Stahl Gerlafingen and the #steel industry. At the same time, Alpiq CEO Antje Kanngiesser delivered some remarks on the effects that the turmoil on the #energy markets caused at one of the top Swiss energy producers.

Creteur pleaded for more government support for the #circulareconomy. In particular, his suggestion that companies should be offered a reduction in grid fees if they provide flexibility in consumption to support the grid was positively appreciated.