Tuesday March 1st, 2022

New powerplants built thanks to the circular economy

The best outcome of the circular economy: new green powerplant construction uses by-products out of steel recycling.
A small power plant neighboring AFV Beltrame’s Swiss plant, in Gerlafingen, will soon produce green electricity for 360 households.
The new hydroelectric power plant uses the potential when water flows from an old canal back into the river Emme at a gradient of 2.75 meters.
Three other sites have produced electricity for over 100 years at the same channel built to supply steel production with water.
Stahl Gerlafingen is particularly pleased that the new power plant concrete structures use EOS-G (RUVIDO) out of the scrap melting by Stahl Gerlafingen AG.
The raw material for RUVIDO is produced in the melting process during steel recycling and has a rock-like composition.
Stahl Gerlafingen has increased its contribution to Switzerland’s circular economy by certifying this by-product for the construction industry.