Monday September 26th, 2022

Alain Creteur speaks at the Swiss Sustainable Forum

Alain Creteur, AFV Beltrame Group CEO, participated as a panellist at the Swiss Sustainable Forum.

Chaired by Christoph W. Frei, Partner at Sustainability VC Emerald, Creteur discussed the issues surrounding the current #energy crisis in Europe with Ronald Trächsel, CFO of Swiss utility BKW and David Stickelberger, Managing Director of Swisssolar.

The expert panel agreed that there is still much to be done to rebalance the markets and increase energy supply security.

However, it was also felt that the risk of shortages in the coming winter was less than repeatedly portrayed. For Creteur, however, it is clear that “if prices remain this high, more and more companies will cut back on production. That would be positive for energy supply but put further pressure on companies”.

He pleaded for more government support for the #circulareconomy, which is system-relevant and ensures the supply of steel, glass, or paper in Europe. Otherwise, Switzerland and the rest of the European countries will lose these companies and their strategic weight.