Saturday June 19th, 2021

AFV Runners in support of the Città della Speranza Foundation

AFV runners are proud to run for research in support of the activities of the Città della Speranza Foundation, which since 1994 has supported the Pediatric Oncohematology Clinic of Padua, a national reference center for the diagnosis of acute leukemia and for the molecular characterization of lymphomas and sarcomas and Center for the coordination of national and European protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas, sarcomas, brain and liver tumors and rare tumors.

Saturday 19 June, you can register for the event “Strabacino Day” an initiative organized in collaboration with Sport Power at the SportPowerArena in Villaverla near the Caldogno Basin.

A day with many outdoor sports with fun for adults and children with lots of games, but also an opportunity to talk about research with researchers and to receive lots of useful information.