Thursday January 26th, 2023

Carlo Beltrame’s interview for Forbes Romania

At the invitation of Forbes Romania, Carlo Beltrame, shared his thoughts on the challenges faced by the #steel industry in 2022 and the lessons for 2023.

“We find ourselves in a particular geo-political context, but also in terms of the evolution of the global economy. These are historic times when we need to understand that the best decisions are those that are thought out in a sustainable, coherent, medium and long-term way, and not just in response to short-term needs. In this respect, I believe that the most important thing for the industry is legislative clarity on energy. Stability in the energy system also ensures predictability for companies, which can then plan more easily and efficiently”.

“I am confident, however, that the Romanian authorities will act with a view towards #sustainabledevelopment in the region, supporting investments in Romania and thus protecting the local industry”.

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