Wednesday March 16th, 2022

Important collaborations towards the energy transition

The optimization of rolling processes through artificial intelligence algorithms, the replacement of more efficient burners than ladles, the revamping of electric motors with higher efficiency class, the mapping of the total CO2 contribution of our production sites according to certificated standards and, subsequently the identification of solutions for the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, are some of the actions that AFV Beltrame Group has put in place in partnership with Alperia Group for a synergy in the name of sustainability.

“The path of decarbonization is not only a choice towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production, but it represents a real investment in terms of competitiveness, because it allows us to be more efficient by reducing energy consumption through innovative processes. Climate change confronts us today with courageous choices and we are adopting them with the awareness that they represent not costs, but investments for the future”Gianmaria Zanni, Group Energy Manager.