Thursday October 1st, 2020

Workshop: “Digitalizzazione dei processi. Il tempo ritrovato da dedicare allo sviluppo professionale”

“Digitalization of Business Processes. The time left to devote to professional development”. The theme of the conference organized by AIDP – Associazione Italiana per la Direzione del Personale in which Giulia Caruso Group HR Development Manager AFV Beltrame Group took part yesterday, is a much debated topic. “Our Group has been incredibly responsive to the digitalization projects introduced. The normal resistance has been overcome by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the colleagues involved. The time freed has allowed us to add and increase the frequency of our HR Development activities, in the interest of our employees, our main resource. Encouraging the adoption of a #digital mindset and laying the foundations for it to materialize, is the real challenge that companies are called to face today”. #AFVBeltrameGroup #digitalization