Thursday April 8th, 2021

Smart solutions to reduce CO2 Emissions in our Swiss plant

Greener and more strategic solutions by AFV Beltrame Group which help reduce CO2 emissions in Switzerland.

Stahl Gerlafingen, together with its partners SBB CFF FFS and Ultra – Brag AG, has implemented a pioneering and climate friendly transport solution for scrap metal:

On 7 April 2021, the first cargo train filled with material left Basel for Gerlafingen. In the future, up to 100,000 tonnes of steel scrap from neighbouring countries per year can be managed logistically to be delivered on-demand and in rail-ready quantities by SBB Cargo from the Swiss Rhine ports directly to the Gerlafingen plant.

Around 4,000 trucks that used to drive from Basel to Gerlafingen are obsolete every year.

This result will come as a relief for the locals in the Gerlafingen and Basel region. It will also help to reduce traffic on the heavy used Swiss motorways A2 and A1.