Wednesday July 21st, 2021

AFV Beltrame Group’s first certified sustainability report has been published

“Sustainability becomes a strategic approach to create long-term value – said Raffaele Ruella, CFO & Head of Corporate Services Managing Director. The decision to create a sustainability report stems from the desire to ensure maximum transparency by involving all key players, with the aim of informing and sharing actions with our stakeholders. A path already traced, for a constant improvement of performance not only in the environmental, but also in the social and economic sphere. We have significantly increased “green” investments and added kpi related to the GRI in all our economic / management assessments, whether they refer to current assets or investments. ”

“The actions in the sustainable field implemented in all our Italian and foreign plants see the whole Group involved and involved – highlighted Giovan Battista Landra, Group EHS and Sustainability Director. For a company like ours, the issues of #environmental sustainability, #worker safety, the relationship with customers and suppliers, the # circularity of resources are central, and this first sustainability report is the proof of a concrete action and transparency that the Beltrame Group has undertaken in this direction “.