Thursday April 14th, 2022

The digital Academy of AFV Beltrame Group reported on Il Sole 24 Ore

There is also the Academy of AFV Beltrame Group in the insert “Academy Italia. Le nuove scuole delle aziende”, published by Il Sole 24 Ore.

“Valuing talents. This has always guided the choices and initiatives of AFV Beltrame Group as a driving factor in the light of changes in the market, especially in the labour market. The obsolescence of skills is too great a risk. On the contrary, unifying, monitoring and reinforcing learning processes amplifies the potential of individuals and of the Group. It is as a result of this conviction that we have created a totally online Academy with on-demand training courses, selectable according to the interests of users and accessible 7/7 and 24 h from any device. The platform is available to all Group employees,” explained Roberto Valente, Group Chief HR & EHS Officer.