Thursday March 24th, 2022

The versatility of steel, explained by Cristina Catino in our annual magazine Frames

“The use of steel in architecture exemplifies both all the apparent paradoxes of this fundamental element and the true essence of its #versatility. We associate, represent and use steel for its strength, resistance, durability, safety and quality. At the same time, we also associate, represent and use it for its adaptability, flexibility, endurance, the possibility of perfecting details, amplitude and elasticity.

All these adjectives, only apparently antithetical, are possible and intrinsic for its versatility, allowing that “marriage of opposites” which, according to Virginia Woolf, is at the basis of every creative process and allows us to design by overcoming the structural limit of other materials, while introducing new aesthetic and today, sustainable parameters”.

Thanks to architect Cristiana Catino for having explored the theme of “The versatility of steel: the marriage of opposites” in an article full of interesting ideas for our magazine Frames.

You can read it here.