Monday January 31st, 2022

La nuova partnership tra AFV Beltrame Group e SIMEST Spa per una crescita continua e sostenibile

“The main strategic objective to which we dedicate our investments is the maintenance of high plant standards according to the most recent innovations, so as to guarantee the highest quality of a product that at the same time meets the #esg criteria. It is precisely with a view to continuous and sustainable growth that the partnership with SIMEST Spa is inserted: modernization works of the entire production plant are planned for the #swiss office of Stahl Gerlafingen which will increase productivity, significantly improve energy efficiency and, with the installation of a new kiln in the rolling mill, reduce emissions. This will allow us to be more competitive in an increasingly competitive # steel market. ” – stated Raffaele Ruella, CFO & Head of Corporate Services Managing Director of AFV Beltrame Group