Friday March 4th, 2022

The fortitude explained by MASSIMIANO BUCCHI, for our annual Frames magazine

You often hear people say, “As strong as steel.” But what characteristics does the Force or rather the Fortress have?
“Fortitude is not to be understood only as an individual quality of the individual innovator, but of innovation in general. Users also often have to have courage and perseverance in adopting an innovation, especially in phases where it shows limits and inefficiencies.
The fortress could also be seen in a broad sense as the ability of some innovations to survive between ups and downs and alternating fortunes, to redefine their meaning and use in different eras.
The same of course can be said about steel: strong, solid, sturdy. The fortress of this material is symbolic no less than physical, capable of crossing different economic, productive and technological cycles”.

A sincere thanks to Prof. Massimiano Bucchi who for the Magazine Frames of the Beltrame Group has written an analysis full of interesting ideas on the subject.
Here the full article and video