Tuesday February 15th, 2022

Fluidity, told by STEFANO SCHIAVO, for our annual Frames magazine

“When the steel melts it enters the liquid phase. And everything changes. Strength and robustness are lacking. The strong points on which we base our idea of this material are lost. New possibilities are opening up. The lack of solidity gives way to new forms.

What you feel when you see the melting of steel scrap is a sense of destabilization and temporariness. It is a state of precariousness. It is the typical moment of transition that will lead to new conditions.

The phase of greatest uncertainty and complexity, that physical condition of fluidity that reminds us of molten steel, becomes the best context to innovate and change.
Being as fluid as molten steel is a precondition for discovering new possibilities. New products, new markets, new value.”.

Thanks to Stefano Schiavo have described for Beltrame’s megazine the theme of “fluidity, the leverage of a new business context”, offering an interesting and particular analysis that you can find complete here