Wednesday April 28th, 2021

2021 World Day for #Safety and #Health at Work

Today the 2021 World Day for Safety and Health at Work calls on leveraging the main elements of national OSH systems, highlighting how each element is of equal significance and relevancy when facing nowadays challenges such as #Covid19 pandemic.

Recognizing that a robust national OSH system safeguards lives and livelihoods, it is imperative to have OSH systems well-resourced and robust enough in order to better pre-empt the impacts, tackle the challenges head on, provide resiliency to the world of work, and indirectly positively affecting public health.

The 2021 report (dowload it here:–en/index.htm ) examines elements of a strong and resilient OSH system.

It provides examples from the COVID-19 pandemic to highlight the way in which OSH systems can build strength following a crisis, enabling them to face unforeseen challenges in the future and protect the safety and health of workers – while supporting the survival and business continuity of enterprises.

Never let our guard down and remember: #SafetyStartsWithYou