Monday November 15th, 2021

The forth edition of our annual magazine ‘Frames’ is out

Here the forth edition of our annual magazine!

As always, we have described our reality through the actions, people, data and skills in which the deepest values of our business lie.

But, this year, the story has a new look.

We wanted to bring you closer to #steel letting some of its carateristic be interpreted by the sensitivity of intellectual voices transversal to the steel world.

You will discover a material with a #Human (Barbara Beltrame Giacomello), #Circular (Carlo Carraro), #Fluid (Stefano Schiavo), #Versatile (Cristiana Catino), #Resilient (Bebe Vio) and #Strong (Massimiano Bucchi) face.

Special thanks to all our guest editors and to Alice Piaggio for her inspiring drawings.