Friday September 6th, 2019

New recent improvements in AFV plants

AFV Beltrame Group keeps on investing in advanced products regarding mainly the improvement of Health and Safety in its production sites. During the past summer shut-down, many strategical activities have happened, here the most important:
– A robotized cell in Ladle Furnace plant for automatic sampling and temperature measurement has been installed by BM Group S.p.A.
and it’s already operative.
– In addition, in the same plant also an automatic charging of carbon material in the ladle by conveyor belt and proper hopper has been completed and already in use.
– A new version of CATFIS manipulator has installed by MORE srl to improve the reliability of the EAF process conditions in terms of oxygen (ppm), temperature (°C) and Carbon content (%).
– @Euromec s.r.l. has installed a Tap Hole inspection, sand filling and cleaning phase of the E.B.T. channel by an automatic dosing plant: the operational activity is possibile only from the control tapping room.
– In Pomini rolling mill has been installed on the electrical control panel of the packaging zone, a “PLC Safety” in order to satisfy all the regulatory requirements.