Monday May 6th, 2024

Andrea Beltrame will speak at “Mercato&Dintorni”: Siderweb’s monthly in-depth analysis dedicated to the steel industry

Andrea Beltrame, Group Scrap Purchasing Manager and Country COO AFV Italy will speak at the roundtable organised by siderweb: “Market & Surroundings”, scheduled for Tuesday 7 May at 11:00 am on ZOOM.

Main focus: situation of the #materialprime sector, outlook for #rottame, iron ore and #coke trends, operators’ expectations.

Speakers will be:
🎤 Andrea Beltrame (BELTRAME GROUP)
🎤 Gianpietro Gisimundo (Duferco)
🎤 Emanuele Norsa (siderweb)
🎤 Stefano Ferrari (siderweb)
🎤 Davide Lorenzini (siderweb)

Free registration here.