Friday May 28th, 2021

AFV Beltrame Group supports the project 100k trees for the Piemonte Regione

“100k trees for the Piemonte Region” is a program to which AFV Beltrame Group, as part of its environmental sustainability projects, has joined with the San Didero plant, donating 800 trees to the local area.

The initiative is aimed at the realization of a reforestation project to increase the green of the region by creating more facilities capable of reducing the presence of CO2.

The project has identified in the region a series of areas suitable for hosting plants. The parameters for the selected areas mainly concern the proximity to urban centers, areas of high traffic flow and perimeter areas of cities.

Paulonia’s tree, with its wonderful white or lilac flowers, grows quickly and its wood is used in several areas. From its flowers, loved by bees for the high amount of nectar, beneficial substances are also obtained for medicines. The majestic foliage with large leaves is able to capture dust from the air. But above all, it can quickly absorb large quantities of CO2, returning oxygen and for this reason it is also called an anti-smog tree.

The project was also shared with local stakeholders who partecipated in the planting of the first 400 trees recently in the land near the San Didero’s plant.