5 febbraio 2024

Two essential updates in Stahl Gerlafingen

Recently, two essential updates to the production line infrastructure have been implemented in Stahl Gerlafingen, our Swiss site.

On the one hand, a new top-notch crane will handle steel products by moving faster and more precisely. The crane relies on new technology to deliver more power using less energy.

The other new asset is the updated pinch roll laying head. The wire enters the coil layer axially and is laid into the desired wire coils by a rotating laying tube. The task of the coil layer is to shape the wire so that it can be dispatched and stored. The new machine will make the production process much faster and more effective.

Both new installations will save energy and help reduce the plant's overall energy consumption. This is part of the overall strategy of AFV Beltrame: making steel production more efficient with a lower CO2 emissions impact.