12 dicembre 2023

Interesting interview for Handelszeitung

In a lengthy interview, HANDELSZEITUNG, one of the leading business newspapers in hashtag#Switzerland, asked AFV Beltrame’s Group CEO about the current situation at the Swiss plant in Gerlafingen.

Alain Creteur drew attention to how the EU, its member states and Switzerland deal with their steel industry. Here are some of his critical statements:
“In contrast to Switzerland, the EU has recognised the strategic importance of its basic industry. Switzerland is, therefore, confronted with an aggressive and strategically orientated EU industrial policy. This is increasingly torpedoing the metal material cycle in Switzerland and exports to the EU.”

“In the energy sector in particular, the current framework conditions do not guarantee the competitiveness of energy-intensive Swiss companies. We are constantly confronted with European policies that promote investments in hashtag#decarbonisation with projects unavailable in Switzerland.”

“The sustainable production of construction steel, particularly, is a strategic and relevant industry in Switzerland and Stahl Gerlafingen covers 50% of internal demand, and the failure of such a system would lead to the immediate shutdown of all downstream sectors.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Creteur’s message is crystal clear: AFV Beltrame will work tirelessly to do whatever is necessary to bring the Swiss site in Gerlafingen on track.

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