31 ottobre 2023

Institutional guided tour at Stahl Gerlafingen

Institutional guided tour at Stahl Gerlafingen, the Swiss plant of AFV Beltrame Group. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Swiss Council of States met in the hometown of Committee President Primin Bischof, yesterday.

He took the opportunity to show his colleagues the steel production facility of Gerlafingen.

CEO Alain Creteur, CFO Patrick Puddu, CMO Hélène Smagghe and Board Member Lukas Heinz Stuber gave the politicians, who came to Gerlafingen from all over Switzerland, first-hand information on the situation in the #energy market and export restrictions for #steel to the EU.

After the visit of the plant, steel producers and visitors were able to establish personal contacts and clarify detailed questions.

We thank for the visit: Ignazio Cassis (Federal Councilor), @Roberto Zanetti (Concilor of States) Pirmin Bischof (Councilor to the States and President of the Foreign Policy Commission).