Sarr Project

The project involves the valorisation of the EAF slag aggregate in applications in the acoustic barrier sector as a sound-absorbing and sound-insulating material. This industrial residue has characteristics that make it particularly suitable for this type of application. Our approach to the #CircularEconomy focuses on different waste recovery projects, in order to develop the use of steel process by-products in different industrial sectors. At our site in Vicenza, we are currently involved in a project (called SARR – Advanced Systems for Waste Recovery), aimed at valorising the slag from the ladle furnace. The Project, which provides for the complete concrete production chain, is included in the POR FESR 2014-2020 of the Regional Fund and is carried out with the support of the University of Padua (CIRCE Department) #CircolareEconomia #WasteRecovery   Progetto SARR_Beltrame Group