Antonio Beltrame
Chairman and Group CEO
Angiola M. Beltrame
Patrizia Beltrame
Carlo Beltrame
Country Manager France & Romania, Group Business Development
Barbara Beltrame
Head of Communications & Marketing
Alain Creteur
Country Manager Switzerland & Managing Director
The value of collaboration and the
strong cohesion of the Group are the basis of all our business processes
Raffaele Ruella
CFO & Head of Corporate Services, Managing Director
Enrico Fornelli
Chief Commercial Officer
Lorenzo Briganti
Group Controlling Director
Roberto Valente
Group HR Director
Manuela Albanese
Corporate & Legal Director
The comparison, the difference and the exchange of ideas are at the base of the strong synergy of the Management of the Group.
Luca Saglia
Group Purchasing Director
Giovan Battista Landra
Group EHS & Sustainability Director
Gianmaria Zanni
Group Energy Manager
Paolo Sala
Treasury & Finance Compliance Director
Alessandro Franconi
Country COO AFV & Plant Manager Vicenza
Emanuele Turra
Group CIO