Corporate Governance

We demonstrate our commitment to social development by consistently taking companywide action on a daily basis and maintaining a constant dialogue with appropriate institutions and organisations.

We invest in activities that contribute to distribution of both innovative and high-tech products and embrace healthcare initiatives.
Our Company vision also supports and promotes regional cultural awareness locally and nationally.
Sponsoring scholarships and doctoral programmes, our university partnerships are testimony to the exceptional value we attribute to education and research.

Organisation, Management and Control Model and Code of Ethics

The Company's Organisation, Management and Control Model ensures the integrity and transparency of business conduct and corporate activities by promoting a culture of prevention and increased sense of responsibility, as well as acting as a prevention tool against illegal conduct and administrative offenses provided by Legislative Decree n. 231 of 8th June 2001. The Group’s Code of Ethics is a a set of ethical principles and rules of behaviour imprinting all actions, operations, relationships and transactions carried out in the management of the Beltrame Group's activities.

The Parent Company's Board of Directors, in order to ensure the best conditions of integrity, transparency and legality of business condupt, adopted (resolution dated 15th December 2008) the Organisation, Management and Control Model according with the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8th June 2001, which regulates the administrative liability of legal entities for offenses committed by apical individuals or subordinate individuals in the interest or advantage of the entity.
The Organisational Model is also composed by the Code of Ethics, approved at the same time as the Model itself, which contains the ethical principles and the rules of behaviour governing the activities of Beltrame Group.
Over the years, the Model has been updated to adapt it to the new crimes cases listed by the Legislator for the application of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

On 2nd February 2023, the Parent Company's Board of Directors resolved the update of the Organisation, Management and Control Model in order to implement the regulatory changes occurred by previous Model's revisions to the date of the abovementioned. The Code of Ethics of Beltrame Group has been updated too, available for download here.

Group Policies

The ethical responsibility of the company is the basis of the trusting relationship with our Stakeholders. Consistenly with this fundamental value and in full transparency the Group Policies have been developed.

The Group Policies outlined below have been drawn up to share with our Stakeholders the commitments that the Beltrame Group has undertaken and to indicate how these commitments are implemented.
With the Policy for the respect of Human Rights we commit ourselves to recognize and respect the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to apply them in the exercise of our daily activities

With the Antitrust Policy we affirm that our competitive position in the markets is based on the skills and competences that have distinguished us for over 100 years. With this Policy we also support fair competition based on merit.
Policies are available in the Download area of the site.