26 ottobre 2023

Have a look at the interesting article published by “The Diplomat”

Donalam strengthens its position in the #steel market. Despite challenging economic conditions affecting various sectors, our Romanian subsidiary reports sales of over 155,000 tons of #rebar and #qualitysteelproducts over the first 9 months of 2023.

One year after resuming rebar sales back in October 2022, the company achieved around 24% local rebars market share, being the sole producer of rebar in the Romanian market. Simultaneously, the special steel products, manufactured in both Călărași and Târgoviște, have solidified the company’s position in the European steel market.

“Despite tough and unfair competition from external suppliers in a volatile business context, our distinct quality in both finished products and services is gaining recognition in the market. Our ambition is to be the sector’s reference producer locally, not just in terms of quality but also in responsible production and #decarbonization”, stated Carlo Beltrame, Group Business Development Manager, and CEO for France and Romania.

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