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Friday August 6th, 2021

Continuous improvement of AFV Italia during the summer period

The summer stop is the right time to make investments in production and to complete their installation before the production resumption scheduled for the second half of August.

All activities are an integral part of a continuous #improvement process of AFV Italia with a focus on #safety, #environment, #quality and reliability of the process.

Among the most significant technical implementations:
– the implementation of the load tonnage for each arm of the CC1 ladle turret;
– the complete refurbishment (metal carpentry and refractory lining) of the primary powder chamber of the electric furnace through the use of innovative technology;
– the assembly and fine-tuning of the cooling plate of the Pomini rolling mill with implementation of the technical-qualitative performance of the plant, especially for the production of complex laminated products;
– the revamping with modification of the piping relating to the smoke suction pipe coming from the ladle metallurgy plant and from the ladle heaters.

In San Didero (TO), the installation of two bundle binding machines for the Pomini rolling mill and the upgrading of the railway connection will be carried out for an increasing use of rail transport.

In San Giovanni Valdarno (AR) the complete revamping of all the electrical part of the profile straightening area will soon be carried out up to the entrance to the packer.